Parcel F


Parcel F is an 8.75 acre tract of woodland owned commonly by everyone in the Clark's Crossing Homes Administration. It is maintained and administered by the Association and is available for the personal, non-commercial use and enjoyment of all residents and their guests. The property is located just north of the intersection of Abbey Oak and Meadowlark. (see map below)

The property contains numerous mid-size and a few old, large trees, birds, deer and other wildlife, seasonal water, several meadows, and the area used for association and member events adjoining Abbey Oak, which is mowed and maintained by the Association.

No hunting of any kind is ever allowed or tolerated on the property.

Guidelines For The Use Of Parcel F:  The follow ing guidelines for the use of Parcel F by members of the Clark's Crossing Homes Association have been drawn up by the Parcel F Committee at the request of the Board of Directors of the Association. The guidelines shall remain in effect until such time as the needs of the community or additional development of Parcel F might demand amendments. Questions regarding clarification or suggestions should be directed to any board member.

Who May Use Parcel F:  Use of Parcel F is intended for and limited to only Clark's Crossing Homes Association members and their guests.

Procedures for the Use of Parcel F:  Informal use of Parcel F by residents is encouraged. Remember. This eight-acre parcel is ow ned by each and every homeowner and presents a variety of recreational opportunities for our families. Juvenile use of Parcel F is not subject to the following guidelines as it is generally approved subject to appropriate supervision by parents and to objections of other CCHA members.

With respect to functions where more than 25 persons are expected, a reservation form should be completed and submitted to a Board member thirty (30) days in advance of the requested date. Reservation forms are available from any Board member. No application received less than two weeks prior to an event w ill be considered as the Board must be allow ed time to meet and approve the application or seek further information.

General Information
VEHICLES - No vehicles shall be allowed on Parcel F except those necessary for maintenance and emergency. Vehicles used to deposit and pick up handicapped individuals to a function should be removed as soon as possible. The approximate number of vehicles expected at a function should be included on the reservation form. The driveways of homes bordering Parcel F should not be blocked. Carpooling would greatly be appreciated.

STRUCTURES - Any structures for picnic use are limited to placement on the low er areas of land near the trees. Canopies, portable toilets, etc. are allowed only at the discretion of the Board and only for the day the function is to be held. A description of the type of structure and all equipment to be used, including grills, tables, chairs, play materials, etc., should be submitted.

FIRES - Any fires are restricted to grills or metal containers. No open pit fires are allowed.

TIMES AVAILABLE - Functions requiring a reservation should be scheduled on either a Saturday or Sunday between noon and dark. Weekday holidays may also be reserved.

NOISE - Many of your neighbors homes border Parcel F. Please be considerate of their needs for privacy.

TIMES AVAILABLE - Whenever a function requiring a reservation is to be held on Parcel F, a notice to that effect is to be placed in each mailbox of the homes on lots 132 -142 inclusive. These are the homes bordering Parcel F on both Abbey Oak Drive and Meadowlark Road. These notices will be sent to these homeowners by the group desiring to use Parcel F at least one week prior to the function.


Map of Parcel F - 8.75 acres.

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